The following is intended as a guide only.
Please check with the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation for up to date rules.

Legal techniques

Only attacks with stick(s) are allowed–hits, slashes, and witiks (curving strikes) are allowed.

Targets are:

  • the front and sides of the body and thighs
  • the arms and hands
  • the top, front and sides of the head
  • the back of the body may be hit if facing the opponent

Only two consecutive strikes to the same target area are allowed.

Trapping and parrying allowed.

A hold and hit with an immediate release is allowed.

Disarming techniques are allowed, but must be immediate.


Illegal techniques

  • No grappling or wrestling.
  • No pushing or striking with any part of the body.
  • No checking to the face.
  • No foot sweeps or throws.
  • No holding, holding & hitting, or joint locks (even for a disarm).
  • No thrusting, butt strikes, or two-handed strikes.
  • No strikes to the knee or below, neck, groin, back of the head, or direct strikes to the back.
  • Do not turn your back to the opponent for any reason.
  • No swearing or other unsportsmanlike conduct at any time by competitors, coaches, or spectators.

Match & Scoring

The match consists of three one minute rounds with thirty second rest in between. All matches are scored on “10-point must” system. Prior to deductions, the winner of the round must get ten points. The loser gets nine, eight, or seven. An even round is scored ten for each fighter.

Scoring is based primarily on the number and the power of effective blows, including defensive skills. Secondary considerations include accuracy, variety of target areas, ring generalship, etc.

Disarms are scored as part of the match, like a knockdown in boxing. Three disarms in a match is a TKO.

To signal surrender, stop the action because of injury, or equipment problems, raise both hands and back away. Do not turn your back.

Protective Equipment

The tournament officials will supply head gear, body protector, gloves, and elbow pads. A groin cup for males are required. Forearm and knee pads are also recommended.

Protective gear will not be removed between rounds except for the lifting of the head gear to the competitor’s nose to drink. After the final round, only the helmets may be removed until the winner has been announced. Removal of the gear, without prior approval, can result in that competitor’s disqualification.

WEKAF equipment and sparring supplies are available through martial arts supply stores.

Addendum:  A summary sheet like this was made available on 2nd Doce Pares World Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 10, 2009. Official WEKAF Rules was written by Grandmaster Dionisio “Diony” Canete and available through Doce Pares World Headquarters.