Our Objectives

Shamim Haque - Kalis Ilustrisimo


It is the goal of the British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors to unite the practitioners of the Filipino martial arts under an umbrella of “national brotherhood” and cooperation – recognizing the merits of all bonifide styles and schools as being equally relevant and appreciated. Any and all Instructors of the Filipino martial arts are welcome and respected, providing the adhere to the spirit herein described.

We seek to continue and expand the recognition and legitimisation of the Filipino martial arts as both a competition sport and combat art – and to promote both sectors for those groups and individuals who seek to advance their knowledge and level of participation.

Further, we seek to overcome the petty rivalries and jealousies that pervade so many similar societies and to relegate competition to “sporting events”. No politics and no denigration of any Arnisador, Eskrimador, Kalista or style will be tolerated and the Council will aggressively defend any who are unjustly or unfairly treated, within the community.

To actively seek the most senior instructors of each bonifide style, system, group or organisation who are willing to uphold our values to have representation on the Council.

To establish and continually develop a “Code of Ethics” for the practitioners, which will be welcomed and subscribed to by Filipino martial arts clubs, styles, systems and organisations around the United Kingdom. This will include but not be limited to: Respect for ones Master, Loyalty to your fellow Arnisadors, Eskrimadors, Kalistas and devotion to the Filipino martial arts. These are sacred tenants of our martial arts. This tradition must be upheld.

To help promote and inform to the general public only of those who are of good character as well as being bonafide Filipino martial arts instructors, styles, systems, groups and organisations.

With the appointment of Directors to the Board from the head instructors of each style, system or organisation, annual competitions and events in various sporting styles of the Filipino martial arts, ongoing communication and “Goodwill Tours” demonstrating our art – we hope to achieve our goals and dreams for the Martial Arts of the Philippines.

To work closely with other similar organisations and council’s around the world including the Philippine Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters in the promotion of the Filipino martial arts as a whole.


To be a non fee paying and no political organisations who’s sole purpose is the promotion of the Filipino martial arts and it’s bonifide instructors, Masters and Grand Masters regardless of style, system, group or organisation.

To establish and maintain a level and spirit of openness and cooperation to unite the British Community of enthusiasts and practitioners of “Arnis De Mano”, Kali, Eskrima – promoting the art and enhancing the image of the Republic of the Philippines as it’s birthplace.

To promote “brotherhood & inter-style” appreciation, thereby over coming the competition & petty jealousies that are all to prevalent in the worldwide martial arts community. To actively seek recognition for both the Filipino martial arts and sport versions of the art with the official Government bodies such as the Sports Council as well as the British Olympic Committee.

To recognise, help and support those who are of good character, with authentic linage via the recognised Masters.

To produce a database and web site which will be available to the general public listing all bonifide Filipino martial arts instructors who are members of the Council.